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EAT WELL GO GREEN __ Meet BIOFASE, the first non-food based
bioplastic resin. This means we are not using
food sources such as corn or potato, which
could be used for feed. We use avocado pit
agrowaste as a raw material
, from which we
extract the biopolymer through our patented

BIOFASE is the first company to make cutlery from avocado seed. Stronger and more stable than average plastic. FDA approved, BPA free and biodegradable.

The avocado is a magical fruit, it is delicious and offers an enormous amount of nutrients that benefit our health. However, for many years its seed kept a big secret that can save our planet from plastic contamination.

In 2012, BIOFASE discovered a molecule that can be extracted and converted into biobased plastic. This technology patented by BIOFASE, is one of the real solutions to counter plastic pollution.

We are the first non-food based bioplastic resin. This means we are not using food sources such as corn or potato, which could be used for feed. We use the avocado pit agrowaste as a raw material, from which we extract the biopolymer through our patented technology.

We are the first company to ever manufacture plastic from agro-industrial waste. This is a huge breakthrough for the plastic industry and the environment!


We turn avocado seeds (agro-waste) into biobased cutlery.


Stronger than average plastic cutlery.


50 ºF – 240 ºF.


Made from renewable and sustainable sources. Compostable and biobased. It reduces by 60% the plastic pollution from our environment.


Meets all the standards from the Food and Drug Administration .


No poison for your food and beverages.


WHY BIOFASE? Swipe to the right Slide As we all know, oil-based plastics end
in our landfills, rivers and ocean.

There is much concern in how plastics
and human life are destroying
ecosystems, mainly sea life.

Our commitment since we started
is how to contribute to this
"Oil-based plastic can last
from 450 years up to
1,000 years."
Postconsumers [Website:
"In the Los Angeles area alone, 10 metric
tons of plastic fragments—like grocery bags,
straws and soda bottles —are carried into the
Pacific Ocean every day."
EcoWatch [Website:]
"Over the last ten years we have produced
more plastic than during the whole of the
last century."
EcoWatch [Website:]
"50 % of the plastic we use, we use
just once and throw away."
EcoWatch [Website:]
"72% of Americans do not know plastics
are made from petroleum and 40% believe
petroleumplastics will biodegrade at
some point."
Recyclaholics [Website:]

How does BIOFASE contributes to reduce plastic pollution?

BIOFASE contains 40% organic synthetic compounds, thereby, reducing plastic pollution in the environment by 60%.

Why is BIOFASE considered eco-friendly?

The carbon footprint of our products is very low, even when being compared to paper. This is partly due to a phenomenon called “biogenic carbon bonus,” that basically states that while an avocado tree is growing, it absorbs CO2 from the environment to form its tissues. This phenomenon does NOT occur in the formation of any other petroleum-based plastic product.

Is it safe to use it in my meals?

BIOFASE is made from renewable resources, and when produced, we commit to using sustainable products only. BIOFASE is BPA FREE and FDA APPROVED for food contact.

Do you literally use avocado pits as raw material?

Yes! And that’s what makes BIOFASE great, since they are the first bioplastic product made from agro-industrial waste.  Current resin production capacity is 500 metric tons per month [1,102,500 pounds].

And we are able to get them because Mexico is the largest avocado producer in the world, and as people love guacamole, millions of pounds of avocado pits are discarded yearly.

Our plant is located in Michoacan, Mexico’s largest avocado production site.

Why is BIOFASE not transparent or clear [or black]?

Most biobased products are not clear nor translucent. Why? Because that’s how nature works. We try not to use chemical pigments [only upon customer specific requirement] which translates into more sustainable products by not using unnecessary chemicals

How to dispose of Biofase products?

Our products are intended to be disposed of in any trash bin so that they can eventually make their way to a landfill where the decomposition processs takes place.

Do you have another question that is not answered here?

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 1 (800) 674 – 7745 or fill the contact form below. We will get back to you within 24 business hours.

From home use to restaurants and distributors, Nostalgia de Mexico offers great quality products and custom made solutions to our customers.

For orders, please use our online store. For questions and comments please call us at 1.800.674.7745 or fill in the form below.

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